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  Dr CO Rennie


  Dr CO Rennie






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Medical School

Research Interest

Age estimation of the South African population utilising ossification centres and fusion times- radiological and osteological : Development of the craniofacial skeleton in relation to the paranasal air sinus morphology : Variation of the paranasal air sinuses anatomy in relation to neurovascular structures (clinical and surgical studies)

–          Research Focus Areas: human anatomical variations, anthropological, paranasal air sinus anatomy and variation, anatomical education



Biosketch  Dr Rennie is a lecturer in Clinical Anatomy in the School of Laboratory Medicine and Medical Sciences. She received her PHD in September 2017 which focused on the variable anatomy of the paranasal air sinuses in a South African population. The study utilised 3D reconstruction and CT imaging in order to visualise the paranasal air sinuses. Dr Rennie has published three papers in this area as well as presented both locally and internationally on the subject. Her current research focus would pursue this area in more detail in relation to the neurovascular structures and variation, which is important to understand both surgically and clinically. In addition, Dr Rennie has an interest in osteology as it relates in forensic science. These two aspects are future projects. Dr Rennie is based at the medical school campus and involved in the  teaching and curriculum for medical and allied Health Science undergraduate and postgraduate students.  –


B. Medical science at the University of Kwa Zulu Natal: Westville campus: 2000
Masters in Medical Science at the University of Kwa Zulu Natal: Westville campus: 2006


List of Publications



The morphometry and morphology of the foramen magnum in age and sex determination within the South African Black population utilizing computer tomography (CT) scans.

M Moodley, C Rennie, L Lazarus, KS Satyapal IJM 821-17 accepted 2018 for publication Shape, Septa and Scalloping of the maxillary air sinus  Rennie CO, Haffajee MR, Satyapal KS Int. J. Morphol., 35(3):970-978,( 2017)

Development of the paranasal air sinuses in a South African Population utilising three dimensional (3D) reconstructed models Rennie CO, Haffajee MR, Satyapal KS Eur. J. Anat. 21 (3): 197-209 (2017) Morphology of the sphenoid air sinuses from 3D reconstructed models   Rennie, C.O., M.R. Haffajee, K.S. Satyapal. Int. J. Morphol 35(4):1261-1269 (2017)

The Plantar Aponeurosis in Fetuses and Adults: An Aponeurosis or Fascia? A Kalicharan, P Pillay, BZ De Gama, C Rennie, KS Satyapal. Int. J. Morphol., 35(2):684-690 (2017)

Sex determination using morphometric and morphological dimensions of the clavicle within the KwaZulu-Natal population S Ishwarkumar, P Pillay, C Rennie and MR Haffajee Int. J. Morphol. (2016) vol.34, n.1, pp.244-251 A Morphological Study of the Suprascapular Notch in a Sample of Scapulae Manikum, C.; Rennie, C.; Naidu, E. C. S. & Azu, O. O. Int. J. Morphol.,33(4):13651370 (2015) The anatomy of the plantar arterial arch. Kalicharan, A.; Pillay, P.; Rennie, C. & Haffajee, M. R. Int. J. Morphol.,33(1):36-42 (2015)

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