Miss Ntombifuthi Princess Ngubane

Person Miss Ntombifuthi Princess Ngubane
 Telephone  +27 (031) 2608908
 Email ngubanen8@ukzn.ac.za
Campus  WestvilleRoom F3-01-013B
Department of Clinical Anatomy
Designation Lecturer
Research Interests
Gross Anatomy, Neuroanatomy and Indigenous Knowledge Systems

Studied the Anatomy of the Phrenic Nerve for the honours project and studied the Anatomy of the Sphenoidal Air Sinus for masters research. Both studies were done using cadaveric specimens.
Selected publications:

Septation of the Sphenoidal Air Sinus: A Cadaveric Investigation – International Journal of Morphology 15 (IJM 36 (4): 1413-1422, 2018)